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I am an anthropologist by education and I care about workplace inclusiveness in the changing world of work. I want everyone to find a job that suits them, regardless of the background or possible differences in learning abilities.

Doctoral researcher

I am currently a doctoral researcher focusing on inclusive workplace from the perspective of disabled employees, with a focus on sustainable human resource management (HRM). I will be conducting ethnographic fieldwork as part of my doctoral research.

I am a member of Organizational Ethics, Leadership and HRM (ETHOS) research group where we focus on investigating factors that support and, on the other hand, restrict the opportunities of diverse people and groups in organizational context, to advance practices of responsible business. For more information, click here (link). 

I am also an endorser of the Principles of Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM). Future vision of RRMB strives for a wide use of business and management research in practice by business and non-business organizations, to improve the lives of people in our societies. For more information, click here (link).

Development manager at Live Foundation

I continue to work as a development manager at Live Foundation. “The Live Foundation works to ensure that everyone finds their place in society. Our operations are focused on the employment, education, training and rehabilitation of those in need of special support.” For more information of Live-foundation, click here (link).

I am a qualified professional teacher in vocational education and training. This qualification gives a general pedagogical qualification for adult education teaching also in higher education institutions in Finland. I conducted my traineeship for the qualification at the Vocational College Live, the largest special needs education centre in the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Vocational College Live is part of Live Foundation.

Trust positions

Regarding trust positions, I am currently a member of EBEN Finland Association which is a member association of the European Business Ethics network. “The mission of EBEN is to promote ethics and excellence in businesses, to increase awareness about ethical challenges in the global market­place and to enable dialogue on the role of business in society“. For more information on EBEN, click here (link). For more information on EBEN Finland Association (only in Finnish), click here (link).

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